Tuesday, November 25

Where do I belong?

Oh goodness, I am in reformulation at this very moment. I no longer want the same.

My life is much more straightforward, listening to the right music to feed my soul.

This playground I had abandoned, in a fit of grown-up illusions when I thought I no longer fit this. And my need. Though maybe I have... but today I youthen back to that simple need.

I've become much enamored with writing, but not the kind I used to do here. I hope one day to keep this as my notebook. A place of comfort, like one of those leatherbound notebooks with creamy pages inviting you to dive in the ink of your thoughts without reserve, without pretense, without the relative non-comfort of interfacing with the foreign. Of course, dreams live in the clouds, far from my childish reach. Today I feel as though I were floating, so maybe I am closer.

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