Friday, March 20

On the shores of the (frozen) lake

Wish you were here...

Here's to a good weekend.

Thursday, March 19


Frozen lake water crystallized. Yardstick of human accomplishment in nature. Forgotten.

Wednesday, March 18

cultural propaganda

Today's treasures of inspiration

The following image is partly why I like to look at propaganda posters for style. Simple, bold message, a few colours, a basic image. All designed for maximum impact.
From here

Even though this style isn't my personal favourite, it definitely gets kudos.

Dark, rich colours and designs with a brighter tone of flight against the white.
From here

This one brings me somewhere in emotions, in spirit. Familiarity and comfort seeps into me... Brings me to daydreams.

I LOVE this art style. Simple, thin outlines, monochrome shadows unify this image, convey stillness, peace, comfort.

Bold, a little hip to appeal to the right audience

Absolutely hilarious.... his posture, the simple typography... Just as the image is very basic and fundamental, so is the problem.

Tuesday, March 17

Vagina's message

I saw the vagina monologues twice last week, and they were amazing! It was inspiring to listen to many different stories. Overwhelming sadness flowed, two stories of women treated like objects, dehumanized. Other times, woman won the day over men. One woman only found her clitoris in her eighties.

All these were stories of women just being women, no excuses or apologies. It was liberating!

As a result, I made thank-you posters for all the actresses.... and I loved them a lot! Giving them away was so tormentous, I almost kept all 16 for myself.

Be well.

Monday, March 16

Light, shadow, reflection

Just some odds-and-ends photos... random things I kind of like because they're slightly odd...

The way they play with the light, a dance of shadows

And strange reflections.

Thursday, March 5

Photo travel

I've been away this past week, and I will still be away for a couple of days. Here's a preview of some of the sights I've seen thus far:

Telus World of Science in Vancouver

Friendly tree I sat in for four or so hours on Saturday.

To be continued....