Wednesday, March 18

cultural propaganda

Today's treasures of inspiration

The following image is partly why I like to look at propaganda posters for style. Simple, bold message, a few colours, a basic image. All designed for maximum impact.
From here

Even though this style isn't my personal favourite, it definitely gets kudos.

Dark, rich colours and designs with a brighter tone of flight against the white.
From here

This one brings me somewhere in emotions, in spirit. Familiarity and comfort seeps into me... Brings me to daydreams.

I LOVE this art style. Simple, thin outlines, monochrome shadows unify this image, convey stillness, peace, comfort.

Bold, a little hip to appeal to the right audience

Absolutely hilarious.... his posture, the simple typography... Just as the image is very basic and fundamental, so is the problem.

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