Monday, September 22

An epiphany?

Thinking back to last Thursday.... we were on Adventure Pursuits, meaning that instead of going to the classroom to discuss our readings on Rousseau or the Biblical creation story, we hiked around a lake and did team activities. At one point, with everyone gathered around one of the 400-year-old trees in the old growth forest, next to a small sheltered bank of the lake, Torren read to us a passage from one of his favourite books. It talked about nature, and man's relation to it. Torren voiced the huge amounts of water used for growing crops and animals worldwide, or per pound of rice, wheat, or meat. The numbers were staggeringly huge, so much so that I would not be able to understand immediately the consequences of such consumption. However, it was clear to me, in that moment, that the course of action for me to take would be to become vegetarian.

Of course, I follow the Epicurius "everything in moderation (including moderation)". Therefore, I will eat meat once a month or something. So far, I have been vegetarian for a week, though it feels like longer ....Though that could be because of the Quest Time Effect - that one day at Quest feels like three normal days

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