Sunday, January 25

Extra-physical: numerology

This link takes you to a so-called birthday calculator. Numerology is one of those controversial 'sciences'. Those who have a disposition towards these things sees how it works beautifully with their lives. Others scoff that the location of Pluto at your birth has any effect on your personality. I tend to swing back and forth on the issue, but I do think that the success of numerology, like most things in life, depends heavily on your mindset.

Once I entered a bookstore in Squamish. The owner was into numerology. The wooden floors creaked and books of spirit filled the first shelves leading down the long shop. My friend and I had entered about ten minutes before closing, but Margaret, the owner, let us browse around. When it came time for me to choose between three books, numerology came out. Margaret found the number of each author's name to see if it matched my own. Then she locked us in the warm store and whispered reverently about Elvis Presley's birthday. She told us about personality traits manifesting themselves in our physical bodies. She confided that I had discening eyes and trusted to me the secret of using the 'white light'.

Margaret had been a waitress for many years, had taught herself some people skills that made her a compelling server. Her ability to weave a story and keep you, with a mix of interest and sticky uncertain escape, struck me and stays with me still.

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Anonymous said...

well... I decided to check out your blog randomly, to see if you were writing in it again.... and much to my surprise you are... awesome stuff... so this is what's been keeping you so busy...