Monday, February 16

We Want You

This is for you, Jon. And Sam, too. So I went to La Ligne Verte and at the bottom was the Grammar Natzee poster. Coincidentally, today in spherical trigonometry I was looking at propaganda posters for inspiration. Some of my favourites are:

What I love about these is that they're simple, bold, and direct. I've chosen posters with different art styles. The "join now" is black on yellow, eye-catching, bold and simple. It's to the point. Do it. The "Liberators" is something like what we would see in a newspaper. It's more nuanced, with political statements about what America does (and doesn't) represent. It's a Nazi poster against the U.S., and gets on some of those historically touchy subjects in the U.S. I really like the "Ja" poster's art, it seems more real. Maybe that's the point of the poster. The goal of this one is to get people to vote yes in a referendum.

It's advertising. In politics.

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Anonymous said...

in the poster you display ehind the "liberator" one, the words are:"(along the top) German Shopping-German Wares (commodities)" "(along the side) German Week-German Wares-German Work"... I thought you might like the translations...