Monday, August 4

Customize your walls

I have been reading a book I picked up by chance on painting murals (Mural Painting: Secrets for Success by Gary Lord). The author runs his own business painting murals, and decided to pass his knowledge onto whoever buys his book next (Out of the goodness of his heart - God bless him. The money is, of course, the burden he must carry, being successful and all)

The book is filled with examples from various artists with their own unique styles, each of them with something to offer you: from how to achieve a certain look to starting your own mural painting business, and including things like faux-finishing wood! Of course, since I have no walls of my own on which to paint I may have glossed over the actual instructions part, and therefore am unable to tell you how useful the directions actually are....

An alternative to actually painting the walls, I was thinking, would be to paint canvas and mount it - the benefit being that you can transport, remove, and change canvas without the extra work of having to repaint or re-sand walls. I think I would like to take this on as a project in the liminal state between this life and the next (work to school - what a strange transition).

My favourite was Zebo Studios, check it out!

And actually one of my favourite images was of an unfinished mural, with most a sketch in pencil still showing. How I love that look, more so than paint.....

Note: I would have loved to have shared a couple of images with you scanned from the book, but unfortunately image editing software eludes my computer. (I have a new laptop, a MacBook I have named Cupertino Effect - read here for the background scoop)

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