Sunday, August 24

Putting on a new hat

After seeing the beauty of desktop background style of Ether on DeviantART, I've remixed some of my pictures. (Read: edited never-before touched, sometimes cropping to fit my widescreen-flavoured laptop)

There are times I feel guilty for writing less in a post but today I remember that it takes the time to take the picture and edit it, choose the best result and decide what makes the cut. And now I have something of a model to point me in the direction I want. Or really, any direction at all... it's better than nothing.

I like getting in with the nice detail pictures and changing up the colours a bit, so they're realistic, but just slightly fantastic. It's a new style to work on.


Molly said...

You're an amazing photographer.

lime59 said...

M'awww thanks Molls...