Saturday, August 23

Existential Crisis du jour

What is a meaningful life? Who are you??

These questions remain my companions as I pack for the coast, for a new life. What shall I keep? Only that which I need. I am not sentimental about my possessions, rather I try to be pragmatic about what I will keep. Sometimes we have keepsakes whose value we only see once a year. Sometimes I find snippets I've written to myself, parts of me I'd completely forgotten.

On one hand, it's nice to keep those memories. You can see just by looking at a 'relic' of your past how you've changed or improved... On the other hand, you can only hold so much in your mind, in your image of self, at once. We should go forth confidently after shedding our skins, every day even!

Holding on to the past is safe and comfortable, but a safer bet yields smaller winnings.

Some Albertan themes: the fields, not always pancake flat, and a cloud triptych, because I am very enamored with clouds and with the new iPhoto technology!

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