Friday, August 8

TGIF - quick quips

TGIF: Think Green, It's Friday!

Fridays I will post something to do with the green theme, with a special focus on green + art. I also post finds to do with the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), new policies in government or industry, eco-friendly appliances and vehicles... anything green!

This week I have three small things I bet you didn't know. (After the last TGIF, I thought it might be nice to take things in small bites)

Green book alert system

You can subscribe to the e-mail alerting service of newly published journal issues, books, and special issues via Elsevier Environment Science & Ecology program. (check for some links like the carbon calculator evaluator)

Photo contest: Ecotourism in action

Trail Canada is having a photo contest. Send in your picture of ecotourism or sustainable travel and you could win 500$ worth of VIA Rail travel certificates! Contest closes August 22, so there's still lots of time to submit an entry!

Humpback whales help reduce emissions?
Expect the blades of wind turbines to have a different look in the next few years. A biologist (Frank Fish) tested a (thankfully, deceased) beached whale's flipper in a wind tunnel and found it to be extremely aerodynamic. This surprised almost everyone, who thought the ridged flippers were a dragging setback for the humpback whales.

A Whalepower “Tubercle
Technology” turbine blade:

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