Tuesday, August 5

What's behind door number 3?

I'm seeing more and more lately that life is all about choices.

Choose who to be, decide if your mistakes are worth fixing, whether you want to be good at many things or focus on one or two areas, whether you'll develop your natural talents or spend your time on something else...

How you live your life: quiet, eventful, extravagant, simple, colourful, careful... What do you decide is so important to you that you will not compromise? Live in an apartment, with others, in a house that costs more money, in which neighbourhood and which city, in what country? Is your home a place to relax and unwind or motivate and stimlate?

With whom will you spend your time. Many acquantances, fewer friends, living alone or having a family. Are your friendships mutually beneficial? Will your people be the leeches who demand your time, attention, pity, or money, or will they be uplifting you with their thoughtfulness? Do you have enough time for yourself and for your friends??

.....I think a lot is determined by your willingness to make it work, whatever you choose.....

Man, there are some times that I still feel so much more like a young person, ignorant of the ways of the world

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