Friday, June 27

A confession

I am a person who asks questions of everything. It doesn't matter to me if there's a long-standing tradition or if it's a new practice, whether something is an immense success, mediocre, or quite bad. All sorts of questions...

Especially about jokes! Most people just tell me to stop thinking so much about it and just to enjoy the joke, but for me, the enjoyment in life is in finding the answers, but also - perhaps more so - in coming up with the right questions.

So every once in a while - especially when I've asked a really good question, or read studies or articles that are particularly interesting, off the beaten path, breaking new ground - I get worried. What if, one day, there are no more questions to ask? What happens when everything has been said and taught and studied and crunched and proven or disproven? Can it actually happen? Or, even more strange, will we have all the answers in most fields, so that all the new thinking is limited to only a few areas?

Of course, soon after I think of all the times we learn that science from 20 years ago (or 2000) was wrong, the way the theory of psychology continues to evolve, and people who come along to show us that there is a way different from the norm, and it works.

I suppose what I really worry about is that my 'original point of view' will stop being original when I've said everything there is to say, and I'll just be repeating.
Oh well, I repeat myself anyways. I guess I'll just have to learn more stuff...

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