Sunday, June 8

Getting lost...

Today I feel broken.

Listening to mellow or more cheerful music. YouTube is nice for their collection, showing videos others have made to go with songs. Nice to get that other perspective, like John Mayer's Dreaming With a Broken Heart (just linked here for listening). When I listen to the song, I picture John Mayer dreaming of a lost lover. However, someone on posted on YouTube a video to that song about her mother, who had passed away.

Blue Sea Holly from Polaroids and Pinholes

Also looking for art that will make me forget about time.

Six Fourteen via Alicia Bock

Do I love pictures of flowers? Don't honestly think I can get enough! Polaroid (and polaroid-esque) photography? Love the quality, the vintage, grainy, dreamy feel of time not present.

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