Wednesday, June 4

Good things

I definitely feel more relaxed, now that the crisis of "I'm not changing the world in a broad sweeping motion right now!" has passed. A new blog is in the works, in collaboration with a politically-minded friend of mine (he also likes environmental). He is tired of telling people things and 'hitting the wall', so to speak. The wall that is apathy...

Speaking of which, I discovered a new website called Apathy is Boring. (What a name!)

It encourages Canadian youth to participate politically. (Because so many of them don't! The 18-24 demographic consistently has the lowest turnout rates at the polls.) I haven't had time to explore the site's contents yet, just the main 'about' and skimming - but I love the fact that this is a resource! I want to let all my friends know, perhaps I will even be able to organise some event in my area.

And oh, do I love surfing. Apathy eventually lead me to Do Oh how I do love attractive, creative resources, especially for youth. Of course, Do something is American, so if you're Canadian like me, or other, a lot doesn't apply (you can search for volunteer opportunities). That being said, seeing things that are being done, or ideas people come up with, or even browsing the different causes can polarize you and stir you to motion. Some of it is pretty inspiring!

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