Tuesday, June 24

We Want YOU

What I love about looking at all the artwork on Etsy (besides being able to look at something and right away recognize the artist - some have very distinctive styles) is that it makes me feel like I can do any of the things I see. It makes me feel good about myself, connect to my creative side, and absorb some cool styles, genres and techniques.

Not to mention that it helps me develop my personal sense of style. After wading through countless photographs or plushies or dishes, you start to really get a sense of what you like, and, if you were to go so far as to start to take something up as a hobby, what kind of style you would have. It's almost like trying on different masks; it's totally risk-free, and actually free. (And if you do buy something, then you have a cool piece of art on your hands) It's a win-win situation.

I think that since I started blogging, reading the blogs that I've put on my sidebar, and exploring Etsy, I have started to feel like an artsier person. Funny thing is, I haven't even changed my activities so much! Of course, I do spend a considerable amount of time thinking about art and personal expression, certainly much more than I had previously. And actually, I am starting to move towards realizing my ideas and putting my stuff out there. (key word being 'move towards' here)

Parts for a project I have imagined creating for years. And now, a small step to completion: I found and bought these parts! At a garage sale across the street no less! These things are big. They're about 10 inches or 25 centimeters long!

I had never before liked to participate in group events at something I considered myself above average ability or talent. I always felt awkward for knowing too much or too little, unfamiliar with the jargon, or bored by topics I thought everyone knew. But 'participating' online (even if I don't contribute much), in a non-threatening environment, and one that allows users of all levels of technical skill, is definitely something I would recommend to anyone with a hobby or interest. And that's you!

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