Sunday, June 22

It's summer!

I had to be offline for a good part of this week, which meant no posting. It was scary how much I sat there twiddling my thumbs, because normally I get home from work and spend all my time on the computer. I didn't realize quite how much time it took up, and not being able to post all week was killing me.

I love clouds...

News: shops almost Etsy-wide are having YART sales! (yart = yard + art) This is to celebrate the end of spring and the beginning of summer, so if you were ever eyeing some of the etsy items, now might be your chance. And, if you've never been to Etsy, maybe you should check it out!

If you find that little search dialog box near the top of the page and input 'yart' or 'yart sale', you'll hit some great deals on really cool handmade things. And I assure you, these are quality handmade items, not shoddy work.

To buy anything you have to make an account but it's an easy process, and once you have an account you can add favourites!! My account currently has 255 items marked as favourites (oh my goodness!) and 53 favourite sellers - those are the ones that I marked three, four, five items as favourites and kept seeing more that I liked.

What else has summer brought?

In the area, a torrentious rain last Tuesday. Hopefully you celebrated the new season without rental cars and lawyers... (though I'm sure they're delightful people)

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