Tuesday, June 3

The war of Orange

It's just so happy! And very bright... I took this picture in March, and made the background today. It makes me think of breakfast, orange juice, coffee, and clotheslines and fresh air.

If you want it as your desktop background, click the image - it will link you to the picture URL. Right-click as set as desktop background, or right-click and choose save as to save it to your computer. (If you want a smaller size, visit my flickr to get the size you need)

And news on the orange-and-blue front: Etsy has gone onboard with the theme. All the picks on the site earlier today were orange and blue (I was just going to get a screenshot, only to find they've now changed it to grey men's things). It was a beautiful thing to see. And the colour search on Etsy doesn't get that I want both colours, just gives me blue items, then orange ones. Sigh.

The creepiest picture of an orange I have ever seen!
*this picture from.... somewhere on the web.
The epitome of something dead... the colours are all off... It looks like mottled blood clumping to the sides....

Other orange things:
(I took these pictures)

yeah, I guess the orange does look a bit red in this picture....

You guessed it, someone in my house was eating a papaya!

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