Monday, June 30


Over a week ago I was talking with my friend Nick. The seeming duality of Nick's character, going from one frivolous extreme to the pessimistic who sees doom on his doorstep, is a symptom of his passion in the pursuit of ideas. (And of course, ideas are so much more beautiful when they are hyperbolized)

Thing is, most of his domesday dreams are highly supported by factual evidence, history and economics. People are, after all, very predictable, technology develops further, societies rise and fall... sometimes with huge aftershocks.

Nick has become tired of telling people all about the chaos that will soon disrupt the lives of the wonderbread, and constantly meeting a dead end. It's too bad that he seems to have burnt out so soon into his life, only 19 years this month. Because Nick is not just pessimistic, he's a tired realist. So he quietly retreats into his own future, taking his own advice.

So what happens when the depression is over and the world's condition seems mediocre, if not excellent? Will he be happy and content or will be become relatively radical in a newfound pessimism? Is he just a victim of circumstance? I suppose I wonder - and wish - if Nick would have been any other way in a different time.

But I sincerely think that, for some reason, some person, some action, he was needed in this time.

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Anonymous said...

It is very unlikely the world is coming to an end, and although i realize anything is possible.Wouldn't the end come when nobody expects it?
Hopefully through his experiences he will grow, and he will find some kind of optimism, now i admit this is coming from somewhat of self deprecating idealist, the beginning of life is his. Why live in fear, when you can live within peace?