Sunday, July 6

Internet toys!

Free time + technology = fun! This weekend I have been obsessed with Wordle, making different, well, wordles.

As you may have noticed, my blog image is currently a wordle. If you get into it (wordle), you begin to notice the variability, the options available. Of course, it is still limited, but the creator, is continually tweaking it for improvements. In fact, since Friday night, you can now choose custom palette colours.

The way it works is by analyzing input text. The words that appear most often are bigger, those less often are smaller. In this example, the words just, one, like, are found over 30 times in text taken from all my posts to date. As well, you can choose the number of words that appear (because they won't necessarily include all the words in the text, especially if it is quite long.

This example above is a result of the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner". I like to have a larger number of words than the automatic 150; it gives the resulting wordles more depth. This is especially apparent in the black and white one above, which has 1500 words.

And the best part is you can use the results however you like! Make t-shirt or mug decals... giant posters or wall murals or screen savers. If you have Adobe, click print, then choose adobe to save the file. If not, you're left using some kind of screen capture (I use my PrntScrn button then paste and cut in Paint).

What a great new internet application!

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