Wednesday, July 9

A letter, a heart broken

My dearest,

Internet, our relationship has become very strained. I admit, we have our occasional huffle or two in the normal course of events, and I think that it is fine, healthy, even. However, lately, our mutual friend Capsule, the laptop, has been playing tricks on me, making me lose faith in you. As you know, Capsule is my closest friend, the one to whom I confide my pictures, internet bookmarks, and personalized options. You, Internet, are my friend, lover, and soulmate, helping me to explore the world and discover who I really am. Being forced to choose one of you over the other is intensely stressful and emotionally disturbing. Each of you has your own merits, and though I feel that you and I are just right for each other, I also feel overwhelmed at sometimes having to leave Capsule just to be with you. I sincerely hope the two of you can work out your issues so that everything will again be right with the world.

Ever yours.                   

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