Tuesday, July 8

Luck revisited

Another look at the illusion of luck in human lives. I did a post on this a while back, and I have found a new quote to illustrate the same idea!

"Chance favours the prepared mind"
Louis Pasteur

A friend and I were months ago discussing the novel (and movie) Stardust by Neil Gaiman. She told me that he was in the desert when he saw a star fall all the way to the Earth, when the story was born. My friend was amazed that at just seeing a star he would come up with all of that.

But I think that some people hold an idea in their minds at all times, and whenever anything new comes into their experience they (usually unsonsciously) juxtapose it with their idea, to see if it works. Of course, I can't presume to know what Neil Gaiman thinks, I'm simply noticing hints from the outside. Part of the reason I say this is that his other works often have two worlds, one of which may be hidden to the other.

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