Wednesday, July 2

Never the same trick twice

The thing I like about blogging is that it is exactly whatever I want. Never too serious, nor too frivolous, in general, but a mix of both. Topic-wise I can 'stay true' to my varied interests, not forced into choosing a field of specialty - not that I could truly choose anyways!

It's pressuring to post on a certain topic or behave in a certain way, even if that is the way I normally behave. Every once in a while you have to throw a curve ball in your life to freshen your image of self, both for yourself and for others. Stagnation is never good.

There is a quote, the words of which I cannot remember, but which goes something along the lines of "predictability is simply a lack of imagination".

On the one hand, it takes a lot of effort to constantly keep up different characters. But, keeping that in mind, if you extend the occasional different facet of yourself, it can be like giving a surprise gift to someone you like to spend time with. It is that pleasure of giving and sharing that makes one feel light! Not to mention it's free...

And who wants their self-image to be flat, anyways? If one becomes trapped in a role they can start to lose touch with others aspects of their lives, becoming overconfident and forgetting reality. Alternatively, the concerning lack of personal diversity in a more self-aware person can foster the beginnings of frustration and depression.

So cast off definitions from your person. Even positive labels can start to be stifling. Stop defining who are, stop trying to find yourself. Just be.

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