Saturday, July 26

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How many souls wander without carrying their purpose? For without that vital piece, life can be a grueling trudge throught meaningless time. But finding it, finding one's purpose, can make you lighter than air. One has so much more energy from the start of every morning knowing that each action is one step towards their goal.

"I wish I had a purpose in life", I think to myself.

Immediately, I laugh. It's not something that someone comes to present to you, which you may choose to accept or not. The more deterministic would agree that they must make their place in the world, making the most of their natural abilities, while others argue that one's purpose must be found, discovered, and that it is such a natural fit with their talents that it must have been fated so.

Either way does take an amount of work, with the latter doing the work unconsciously. To improve oneself, push your talents and use discipline.... and just to find the right path to walk... takes so much. I am frustrated because I remain lost, wandering along the side of the path, and I cannot even see said path, much less the direction it takes.

And it takes a great amount of courage to face the whole of the self with the good and the bad, to lose oneself enough that you find your own way.

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