Wednesday, July 16

Watercolour Showcase!

Cool colours--so many subtle differences! From Valerie

A post about art! I needed to stop thinking about the whole Myers thing for a bit, at the risk of sounding like I sound like a broken record. Echoes (found via simply photo) did that for me. It's a collaborative art blog, a project to share part of each day. There is a lot of watercolour art in it, and I am reminded why I love the medium!

From Echoes

Acrylic paint is all good, bright bold colours with strange textures too, ink is always a classic medium, making stuff look cool (or is the cool stuff all in ink?), and pastels make me remember the earth, what's real... but today I see watercolour.

mmmm look at that watercolour fantasy... from Moranga

It's a strange medium, being so luminous, almost translucent at times. It can create a light and whimsy feel. Of course, there is also the highly realistic style of watercolour, which still has a touch of dreaminess to it, maybe because it's so bright, especially compared to oils or acrylics.

Red Flowers by printmakerjenn really makes me think I can look right through the grey to the flowers, and even the sky beyond. Originally I was unimpressed with this, actually, but it grew on me!

For me, though, the real magic in watercolour is expressing so much with minimal fine detail work. Expressing lightness and memory, a playful whimsy.

From LaurenAlexander's Etsy--I just love the style!! Light and bright bold colours. "A quiet eloquence", below, has that dreamy feel to it.

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