Thursday, April 3

tattered scraps of a semblance of a beginning

This is my first post! It will not remain, however, as I am only writing this in order to get me into the habit. I did not want a blog or a myspace or any of that crap because I did not want to be like anyone else. Time to wake up, man!

Besides, maybe this will lead me to my fate. I do so like spending time on the computer, looking at beautiful things. I followed the wisp of a whim and woah! I find myself with a blog. And now I must do my homework... to practice writing in my blog.

Since this is my first post, I will publish my musings and wanderings. Eventually this blog will settle into a role, but at the moment I envision some hint of a culture blog in a personal blog. The test is to see whether I have enough charisma and real information to pull it off, not to mention the right balance between the two. I envision myself being successful, but then, he who embarks upon a project without believing in his success is already defeated.

Until I have at least a few posts worth reading (or at least following my aims), not even my friends and family will be linked to this page. However, after just a few days (I intend to make this a once daily routine) I should have the start to a very humble hub of readers.

Hooray for optimism.

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