Saturday, April 12

'Photo shoot' release!

It's hard for me to remember that my actions are not in isolation. I always seem to forget about the rumour mill and the fact that my actions affect other people... It creeps me out so much that I could go to a grocery store and see someone I know who has learnt of my news before I've had the chance to talk to them! It awakens a desire to leave this place for one where no one knows me yet....

I suppose that's why the blog appeals to me so much. Anyone reading it will know who I am, but doesn't give me the same pressure to be a certain way because that's what everyone expects from me.

That and, I like sitting at home, playing on my computer and going through my photos. I'm not really a party person. Wrong time in my life to be this way, eh? An attractive, twenty-ish girl who doesn't like going out...? I'm sure it will come back to bite me when I'm older.

I finally got around to sending Tristan the pictures of him and Ben and Grant. I took those almost a month ago now. We were going for a walk with the boys and I was taking pictures of the bare trees, when he asked if he and Grant should be in the photos. Impromptu photo shoot!

I was quite surprised and impressed by Tristan's enthusiasm and good humour to go along with my photo-taking efforts! I was also quite happy that at least a couple of the pictures turned out really well...He's so cute with the boys, like a brother, or someone who's known them for a long time...

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