Monday, April 21

Snownight moments

I went outside to get pictures of the snow!

I like the snowflakes being shone on!

Photography. Soon I will be getting a DSLR so I can actually learn all the cool stuff. For now all I can do is research models and take lots of pictures all the time!
I'm going through the pictures I have amassed and.... I took a lot of crappy pictures last year. So far, since August, I have taken over 3700 pictures (and I took so many less during the dark, dark winter months than all the others). Add those to weed through to all the crappy ones I took the year before that and you have a big mess!

I only got back home around midnight last night - then the internet wasn't working! But I am satisfied with my night snow pictures.

Night has a certain feel to it. It is peaceful and open. When I venture into the empty street after the sun has set I feel one with the sky. Air moves in me, through me, swirling up to whisper to the clouds and twine around twig finger caresses. Paths beckon invitingly with dark mystery, promises of stars and sweetness.

From Wikipedia on the night:
"In almost all cultures, there exist stories and legends warning of the dangers of night-time. In fact, the Saxons called the darkness of night the 'death mist'."

I love the night. Then, humanity's footprint seems benign and almost charming, even the city smog seems a part of it all. Night brings unity. Night reconciles, heals, smooths.

Lente curite noctis equi
Run slowly, horses of the night

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