Wednesday, April 16

Love yourself today!

I have a friend who likes the drama. She watches the new generation of soap operas: the ones like the OC with beautiful young people getting into all kinds of situations. She also likes those hospital shows, which also happen to have a lot of interpersonal drama. And of course, she writes some fanfiction stories that follow the same formula. Drama keeps it interesting, right?

The thing with my friend is that, as far as I can tell, she's reliving the same stories over and over again. We all do! Gaining self-confidence; believing in love again; shedding your old self; overcoming weakness or negativity; challenging beliefs; breaking barriers such as cliques.... loving your best friend; the geek, nerd, unpopular; unsuccessful at life or love; being stuck in a rut....
Sound like a lot of movies? The whole reason I am even writing this now is because Made of Honor is coming out soon.

These are the kinds of things that we see on children's television that we want our children to learn, yet, many of these archetypal situations are portrayed in adult films. How much difference is there when you're 'gown up', really?

Well here I am nitting at these themes, but it actually happens in real life. What would be the appeal otherwise? It's as though, if we watched enough Cinderellas find their princes, our dreams would come true too.

What I see is that we are growing out of problems and finding ourselves in new ones just the same... Do we realize how much work life takes? ...and some people just happened into the right life, the right family, the right set of standards, the right examples, or at least close enough to be quite successful and happy. Then there are those who have none of it, but amazing strength.

(I myself recently decided I would follow my artistic side more, and put my writing skills to use, improve them. And to motivate myself to take pictures more. I am looking forward to learning to use an SLR camera because it will just add depth to my work. I hate learning picky technical things, though, so I must have patience. lots of patience.)

The way out is being positive, dream.... then make tiny baby steps, one at a time. Deddication really is the key to success, I have to remember that.

Love what you do. Build habit. Every day.

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