Sunday, April 13

Spring has sprung... ?

Oh, Sundays! This morning I woke with my alarm and stumbled upstairs--I caught the tail end of the sunrise! So I decided to go for my first bike ride of spring....okay, so after I took this picture I realized that it isn't spring yet. On the plus side, I did get out to take a couple of pictures in the beautiful, glorious dawn-light!

Yesterday while we were watching tv we heard a bonk of a bird hitting one of the windows in our house. As I walked over to give Mocha his supper I saw a bird lying on our pack patio. I moved it to the wheelbarrow (to be safe from Mocha's adventures in the backyard). I wasn't sure if it was stunned or... finished.

When I checked this morning, he was still there, in the same place...
When I had moved him the day before, his neck had moved, and he was so delicate, soft and beautiful. He had still seemed to hold a hope, yet... it must not have been a big one.

When my mother saw him, she said it was a shame as it was such a beautiful bird that had met its end with a window. This comment made me think of Thursday night, when J was asking me about Grant.

Grant is severely autistic, and lower-funtioning. He is non-verbal, but does communicate with pictures. I have taken a few pictures of Grant and every once in a while J will comment on his good looks. Well on Thursday she asked some questions about Grant and what his life was like; she said it was too bad that someone so good-looking was the way Grant is. Grant's autism is not written in his bone structure or his smile... It's disarming.

Me and Grant

There are so many beautiful things in the world... if we chose to honor every one of them I think we might become lost, overloaded.

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