Thursday, April 17


I had a day off today, completely and totally off!

So I went on a set of adventures!

Just a random picture... I call it, "Sepia Cell"

In the Crimson Quill, downtown St. Albert.

Found the stitch function on my camera...
The city hall/St. Albert Library

I was by the river, right where Groat Road crosses the river... saw this guy hanging out.
I swear it's the biggest gopher I've ever seen...
He's so fat. And cute! ^^
He was actually camera-shy! When I started taking pictures, he hid under the cement. Then I turned my back and took pictures of some seagulls, and he's out again! Until I point the camera at him, that is...

On the Legislative Grounds

I really like this black bench against the yellow straw......

Nice and bold.

...I'd love to sleep here....

The Legislature!

I kind of just wandered around outside the Leg for a while, in the gardens with all the dead plants, trees wihtout leaves, and fountains without water...

At a home store in Riverbend.... When I have a house I am totally doing this!!

I love these keys!!

Live musicians in Bourbon Street at West Ed.

The sax player is my old clarinet teacher who used to make fun of me all the time...

I just loved going to lessons :)

Peppers from Boston Pizza's

The chairs looked like they had some collective consciousness....

They looked like they felt at peace, not having to sit in line, ready to serve the bottoms of a miscellany of people..

(click on the picture for the full-size version)

My favourite picture today!

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