Saturday, April 19


I volunteered at the Marian Centre this morning. I had decided not to bring my camera, but looking at the bright easter eggs hanging from the ceiling like little wishes about to hatch made me wish I had. Not bettering my regret was the lunchroom, where hot soup was served to a colorful variety of the less well off. But looking back, and trying to describe the physical scene now, it was more the feeling in that place that I ached to capture. The Marian centre feels like a place of work the moment you step in. But it feels like it has a purpose, saturated with holiness, with meaning. Even washing the dishes seems like something sacred you are doing to help save the world.

Grant was having fun spinning around today. This makes me think of cotton candy, or a bright round lolipop.

Snow in a landscape seems to bring the sky closer, make it touchable, give it presence.

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