Sunday, April 20


I'd just like to share some of the things that I have enjoyed recently:

Art blog by a dutch student, Nina. Her work is neat and pure, always colourful and cheerful. Nina has such a sweet personality and a distinct voice

Time stops at Grand Central

The power of performing arts--wish I could have been one of those stunned passers-by!

Le Compteur

I just discovered this artist and album this weekend. The songs of the album Le Volume du Vent by Karkwa, fracophone music group, are a blend of surreal and sweet sound, feeling faintly familiar.
I could waste my life listening to the unique music wind its way through my head. I actually picked it up because of the cover, and now it sits cozily with the 20-some CDs on my shelf.
You don't need to understand French to appreciate the music .Karkwa is a Candian group! You can visit their website here.

Last week I visited Etsy and was instantly enchanted. The Ebay of handmade items surprises in quality and diversity; you can buy anything from art to dishes to clothes to furniture. If you're like me and like unique, cheerful things, you'll like Etsy. The site is fairly sophisticated and provides an option to sort by color, category, or artist.

Troglodyte Photography is also a Canadian source of talent. (The main photographer is actually from St. Albert, my town, but I found him on the web before I found him "in real life") I'm not sure how many shots and how much patience it takes to photograph something like this, but clearly it was worth it.

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine offers more than just games to play on the web; this is art! The site and its games have a light, serene feel to them. After 15 minutes of trying various games you'll feel more at peace than when doing yoga!

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