Tuesday, May 13

Day of Silence

If you didn't already know, the Day of Silence is a 24-hour vow of silence that students and teachers take to protest bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. April 25 was this year's date, and I am sorry that I missed it. I'm not sure how much impact it would have had for me to take this vow at my workplace, where at least a few people are open about their sexuality. Next year, 2009, Day of Silence will be on April 17.

Well imagine my surprise as I am looking up the Day of Silence on Wikipedia, I find something called the 'Day of Truth' (on Wikipedia here). It sounds intruiging, to be sure, so of course I investigate. Turns out it's a day opposing the day of silence, and, I think, homosexuality in general (plus bisexuality and transgendering)

I have to admit, I was quite shocked. Is it strange that I've never been around a significant group of people who opposed LGBT? All of my life I've been surrounded with people who are good with it, or at least not publicly opposed. I thought that this closed-mindedness was old-fashioned and falling away. I mean, somehow the Catholic Church has accepted that not everyone prays to Jesus, or not the same way.

I know, there's just the stigma so strong, the change that causes a physical fear in those traditionalists.

Just because there are a couple really cool gay video clips out there:

About two (possibly) gay boys. Some kissing.


Foreign ad for a drink?

Video entitled 10 resons why gay marriage should be illegal... excellent voice. Warning: some stick men going at it

Gay marriage/equal rights

Had to hunt down some of my faves from a few years ago, and I definitely haven't seen them all, but here are some good ones

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