Sunday, May 4


To sort of continue from my last post with... depression. Clinical depression (as opposed the emotion we use every day) is a chemical imbalance in the brain because of malfunctioning neroreceptors.
To the very extreme depressed end, one cannot get up out of bed. Just thinking about things we normally would do easily, like washing the dishes or going to work, confuses and overwhelms. One feels guilty, helpless, emtpy, worthless, pessimistic, or numb and have no energy to attend to hobbies they once enjoyed, friends or family.
So the most depressed people lie in bed all day, sometimes needing care. Ironically then, it's when one starts to recover from their depression that one kills oneself, because that is when the pain starts to be felt again (rather than numbness).
I find this... well, depressing. But not clinically. (It's just a bit funny)

A picture, because I forgot to put one in my last post. (I hope I didn't darken anyone's day, I just think it's interesting to know these things.)
Squamish is there! My new home come fall!

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