Tuesday, May 20

Pay it forward

Two things came to mind as I was reading yesterday's post.

The first is that there are other kinds of abuse than physical domestic violence. Women are more likely than men to verbally abuse their spouses, whereas men are more likely to use violence, but both are used induce fear, assert power, and gain control. However, both are devastating, humiliating secrets victims bear. In fact, because the damaging effect of words is borne on one's spirit rather than one's body (and it is visually not as striking as physical abuse), victims, especially men, of verbal abuse remain silent in their situations.

The second thing, however, is a bit more of a cheerful topic: reaching out. I came across a beautiful thing this weekend (this link also in my sidebar). Lovely! I'm not going to say that it would completely change someone's life, but it definitely improves their day, or their week. And if it only takes a couple of minutes of your time, leaving you feeling good, isn't it worth it?

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