Wednesday, May 28


All it takes is sixty seconds to change your life. That's the thesis of Pause, relatively new website for teens. The idea is ingenious, the implementation perfect.

In less than 30 seconds a commercial on tv hooks the viewer to visit the website--one of those mysterious, appealing commercials with the beautiful muted dark color palette, grungy, textured scenes and realistic.

When at the site, the reader is enticed to explore. As far as I'm concerned, this website has the best elements of a page-turner novel: leave them wanting more. Mysterious meets knows-your-every-need (even the secret ones).

Some of the feedback Pause has recieved has revealed the other two key factors in Pause's appeal and success:

  • Not telling kids what to do, say, or think
(Because we all hate unintentionally causing reverse psychology to take effect). This goes extra far with Pause because the youth visiting it choose to check it out for help. They're not looking for another attempt at indoctrination. Pause takes the role of a cool friend who knows a little bit more and is confident enough not to just go with the flow. Quite appealing.

  • It only takes 60 seconds to change your life.
This realization gives so much power to teens, who feel overruled by parents, rules, and peer pressure. Yes, you can be a major influence on your life story. Yes, all it takes is sixty seconds to pause...

Just the word pause implies effortlessness. It's not homework, not something you have to work at, concentrate on, dedicate yourself to, or worry about. You don't wear it, smell like it, look like it... you're just free. And that's, well, liberating.

Here is the link again: Unfortunately I was not able to find one of their short video clips (their commercials) to put in this post, but they are on the site.

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