Wednesday, May 7

Should I stay or should I go?

A lot of my life (yes, I'm only 18) has been the struggle between nomadism and beauty.

Nomadism offers almost limitless freedom. Pack your one bag and off you go, not tied down by unnecessary possessions or obligations or ties. Nomadism allows you to experience whatever you choose, whenever you want, and leave when it suits you. You can do things exactly the way you want to. Obligations to return favours, remember, or think about those around you? Pretty much gone. Once you've had your little thank-you song and dance you can leave.

On the other hand, remaining sedentary allows you wealth. Greater number of useful possessions, like dishes or tools you can use yourself (rather than pay someone a fee for their services). Relations with your neighbours allow you to return one type of favor for a different type in return, something that could have otherwise been inaccessible. Not to mention art.

Historical anthropologists measure a civilization's development by it's art. If there is enough food, shelter, and other resources to allow someone to spend all their time doing art rather than foraging or hunting, the society as a whole must be doing well. Of course, in today's society we have a market for art. But imagine in the pre-historic days, wasting time whittling something out of wood or painting would mean death through starvation, exposure to elements, or other creatures.

So clearly then, sedentary is the more evolved way.

There's something that pulls me to be free though...

I don't want to be materialistic, there are just so many ways to display beautiful things...

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