Sunday, May 11

Mother's day!

I made a Mother's Day card for my mom!

I had these little 8x8 inch canvasses lying around for something for my mom and a couple of friends to do a project...
and I thought it was perfect for a mother's day 'card'!

It's watercolour (on canvas? really? well, it worked!), sharpie on paper (mailbox), glue, and tiny little paper airplanes.

I had started with the intention of it being a little more collage-y, but I like it.

My mom likes to send really cool things in the mail, that's why there's a mailbox. (Canadian mailbox: it's usually red, not purple, by the way)

Doing this totally unlocked my artistic side. Actually, it unlocked a lot of my enthusiam! I feel ready and able to do music again, and have suddenly decided to write a book! (check back in about a month and see if that one's still going...)

I feel my confidence revived. At least a bit. Art therapy!

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