Sunday, May 18

Worries, odds, and ends

Wow. I am missing the need to post something on my blog. Usually, throughout the course of the day, at work, ideas compete to be post content, pictures are taken and put aside for this use, conversations or events lead to an overall mini-essay thing.

Right after the redesign was finished on Saturday, I felt a release. I had accomplished something! And I could see the results right before my eyes, in my blog that I look at most often.

That and, spending a whole day and a half just on design meant I was alone and no drama occured. No one bothered me, my energy was not drained by being around people (the introvert that I am), nothing I despised inspired a rant....

I guess I was just blogging for peace: to bring harmony to the inner turmoil caused by outer chaos. I can say it's never been a problem for me, being too at-peace.


That being said, this peaceful state opens my mind to other worries, allowing me to worry with full capacity. Do I need over a million-dollar 'useless arts degree' if I just want to become an artist or an interior decoartor or run a B&B or open a store? (nevermind that I haven't got a product to sell). Especially when what (little) capital I have could be put to one of those uses. And then I could stay here, with all I hold dear..(or am I just looking for reasons to stay?)

If only I could decide how to live my life!

Worry. It eats stomach acid for breakfast.

....On a happy note, I am looking forward to posting Friday! I wish it were Friday already, or that I had come up with the idea sooner...

Oh, and here's a picture I took Thursday. A consolation prize for listening to my worries

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