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TGIF: Think Green, It's Friday!

Fridays I will post something to do with the green theme, with a special focus on green + art. I also post finds to do with the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), new policies in government or industry, eco-friendly appliances and vehicles... anything green!

Reuse + art

Kudos to sfgirlbybay, which I read regularly, I found an excellent use of the 'reuse' part of thinking green.

Scrap collects and sorts donations of "high-quality, low-cost, re-usable materials sucha s textiles, paper, jewelery findings, wood, buttons and plastics", which are available to the public at quite a discounted price. This is so great! Companies or individuals like not paying for disposal of their excess, less is sent to the dump, public has access to cool things that would otherwise be expensive or inaccessible. I imagine just going to Scrap would inspire some form of art.

sfgirlbybay's original post

The Ecosphere: more than just sea monkeys

Ever wanted to hold the world in your hands? Now, with an Ecosphere, you can. Enclosed in a glass globe is an entirely self-sustaining ecosystem. Blending art and science, beauty and balance, an Ecosphere is a microcosm of life you can hold in your hands.

It contains micro-organisms, bright red shrimp, and algae in filtered sea water. All you need to do is provide indirect light and your ecosphere will flourish.

How does it work? Thankfully the good people at Ecosphere Associates, Inc have provided us with an
illustration on their website (gather your basic biology, everyone). Too much algae and it will grow to block out all the light. Too many shrimp will use all the oxygen. It truly is a fine balance.

I know it's not recycling or environmentally friendly, but the ecosphere can be a case study for our own situation on Earth. We have thrown the delicate balance out of whack... And soon, without significant action, we will go too far past the tipping point.

Ecosphere are way cool. I want one.

Actively Green Events

The 2008 Commuter Challenge runs from June 1-7. Candians are encouraged to walk, bike, bus, train, or carpool to work as a choice for personal community and environmental health. Employees can register to track their mileage for friendly competetion between workplaces.

At the end of the week, participants can see the results of their saved gas mileage as reduced emissions. Last year participants saved 1264 KG of GHG emissions and 6 KG of Nox emissions (no, I haven't the faintest idea what those are). To know you are doing something good is one thing, but to actually see some results is fantastic!

I know I am going to register, as I already carpool to work. (Unfortunately it is almost impossible to bike, walk, or bus to work from my house)

This is just one of the events spurred on by Canadian Environment Week. From this site you can find events near you or take some of their suggestions to quietly celebrate Environment week:

  • Change at least one lightbulb to compact fluorescent
  • Turn off your computer when you're not using it
  • Keep a reusable bag in your car for groceries and use one less plastic bag.

Also this upcoming week is World Environment Day, June 5th. Here are a few fun items from their list of 80 Ways to Celebrate WEP:

  • Art made of recycled materials (YES! second on the list! though it is alphabetical)
  • Competitions (banner, drawing, essay, painting, poster, poetry)
  • Donate to an environmental cause
  • Excursions to nature sites
  • Performances (plays, songs, poetry)
  • Visits to botanical gardens and national parks

Wow. I am so excited now! I just can't wait!! Happy Friday everyone!

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