Saturday, May 10

Why I started blogging

After yesterday's post I was wondering why I started a blog as well. Existential crisis! Day in and day out here.

I used to write letters. They were magnificent letters, written on blank white paper with my unusual hand, in pencil. I would put down all my questions, musings, wandering wonderings, pictures... all of my dearest treasures. I would send one of these letters about once every two months to someone I deeply respected (or maybe even loved). I would never receive anything in return.

I came to realize that I cherished these more than anyone else, and that sending those pieces of my soul to someone who didn't care who I was would only break my heart in the long run, so here I am running a blog. At least I have a running record of who I was. Maybe one day I will do something with this, maybe not.

Nowhere near monumentous enough to show how much I value this piece of myself, but I think that that's how the big things happen anyway. They just are, we make room for them, and we accept them as necessary.

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