Monday, May 12

Meaning of life in the bottom of the glass

They're everywhere, those metaphors for life, but I love it when one really comes over and knocks me on the head with some relevance.

Sunday I decided to make my mom a smoothie. Smoothies are my thing, like the best food-ish stuff I can make (especially those tart raspberry ones!). So as I am making it, I decide to throw in a few ingredients that can't hurt. Like V8.

I've done this before, just a dash of V8 in a couple of litres of smoothie, can't taste a thing. I also decided to put in just a tiny bit of peanut butter, for some protein. Load up the frozen rasperries, mangoes, chocolate and regular soy juice, and we're ready to go!




Finally! All perfectly blended! Time for the taste test!

Well, as you probably have more common sense than I do, you predicted it tasted terrible. I kid you not. I put too much V8, and the peanut butter was not hiding its taste at all.

Moral of the story: never put peanut butter in a smoothie. (V8's okay in small amounts)

Seriously, though, looking back at my posts, a few days ago I was totally uncertain of what I was doing, if it was the right thing to do, if my current life was just a waste of time. But this disgusting smoothie showed me that after all the hard work and time spent on something, when you taste the fruit of your work, you definitely know if it's right or not.

Hopefully that's a dose of confidence. It is for me!
(Though now we're out of frozen fruit...)

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